Dan Nowicki

Dan Nowicki


What is the Hadley Brand Promise?
The new brand promise focuses more on the customers’ needs and wants versus us giving them a product and telling them how to use it. It focuses on making sure we satisfy all of their needs while also making it as easy as possible for them. It also requires us to be more adaptive by giving them more customized superior solutions for all types of issues along with dependability and long lasting durability.


What the Hadley Brand Promise means to me:
It means that we take a vested interest in our customers needs and will go above and beyond to truly understand how we can help them be more successful. It means visiting the customer with our “boots on the ground” mentality to understand their biggest issues and then work as a team to come up with a dependable quality solution that solves their needs. It also means communicating more between the departments in order to most effectively work together towards a common goal.


How the new Hadley Brand Promise will impact the company:
It requires more communication between departments, testing and meticulous attention to detail. It means providing customers with data and results from extensive testing on products specifically for them so that they see we are doing whatever it takes to ensure they receive the best quality and customized solutions.


My WOW story:
One of our largest customers was having some issues with the vibration testing they were conducting on some of our older mirrors. With our “boots on the ground” approach, we immediately went to their location to check it out. Sitting with the driver doing the measurements, we discovered that the issue actually wasn’t with our mirrors, but rather, the motor on the vehicle was imbalanced, causing the whole vehicle to vibrate. Because our experts were on the ground with them, we were able to pinpoint the problem quickly, solve it and actually, in the end, teach the drivers more about their own vehicles!