Daryl Palma

Daryl Palma


What is the Hadley Brand Promise?
To do whatever it takes to get the job done and keep the customer happy. That’s our promise.


What the Hadley Brand Promise means to me:
Treat the customer the way I’d like to be treated; with respect, paying special attention to their needs and responding as quickly as possible.


How the new Hadley Brand Promise will impact the company:
I think it will help us continue to treat the customer with respect and acknowledge their needs. It will also focus more strongly on the customer and on continuing to build a quality product so that they can be more successful.


My WOW story:
My WOW story comes from an individual buyer of Hadley air horns. Bill was having an issue with the air horns on his Chevy pickup truck. While we quickly took care of it, he informed us a few months later that he was starting to have the same issue. Determined to permanently solve the problem, we researched a new solution that would not only solve this specific problem but also address the complex installation process that was currently required. With the help of engineering and the testing department, we were able to swiftly provide Bill with a superior solution that also made installation and replacement much easier. As a result, Bill was incredibly grateful for our attention to his needs and continues to be a loyal Hadley customer.



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