Giorgio Verduzio



What is the Hadley Brand Promise?
The Hadley Brand Promise is to satisfy the customer in a timely manner and to take an overall approach to their needs– from products, to services and solutions. It also means to present customers with new superior solutions and products that excite them. Additionally it means we strive to go beyond being one of their suppliers to being their partner, so that they know they do not have to worry about our products or services because we are a partner in their success and will take care of it for them.


What the Hadley Brand Promise means to me:
It means that I have a responsibility to increase the accountability of our employees and maintain the promise we make to our customer. It also means to translate the need of the customer internally so that we understand them on a better level allowing us to anticipate their needs. We also strive for a fresh and novel look for our products so the customer is always getting a superior solution.  I am most rewarded when the customer thanks us for coming up with a great solution that not only solved the immediate issue but also multiple other issues. This is when I feel I am living the Hadley Brand Promise.


How the new Hadley Brand Promise will impact the company:
Our brand promise focuses more on how we at Hadley are the expert and know our stuff more than anyone else. It encourages us to have pride in our work, in being the expert and in fully understanding our customer needs better than anyone else.


My WOW story:
I came to Hadley from Italy to help them launch their interior lighting product line. I spent the first 3-4 months of my work in the US looking at the products we had, researching what the US customer wants and designing a new product line that would better cater to their needs. My wow story is really with Turtle Top, which was our first customer for the shuttle interior lighting system. We went to visit them with a solution that they liked a lot, however was out of their budget.  In response, we went back to the drawing board and reduced the cost of the product by re-tuning a system that already fit perfectly for the customer with new and unique technologies. We also explained to them the total system savings our product provided by showing them how we can save them money in the long run. After about a month, we came back to them with a great solution that satisfied their needs, was superior to what they already had and saved them money. As a result, we are their top supplier for interiors.