Our LED is White

Our LED is white, but what about yours?
White light is white light…..isn’t it? With the rapid expansion of LEDs as viable light sources, all of that is changing. Hadley and our customers have learned that white light often appears a shade of yellow or blue especially when mounting LEDs along side one another. Color consistency has become a major concern since the introduction of LED lighting. Regardless of the manufacturing technique or LED manufacturer, producing LEDs is an inexact science with a wide variation in product coming off a single production line. Manufacturers deal with this variation by binning: where they measure the output of the LEDs and sort them into various ranges (bins) before sale. The Chromaticity diagram (in color below) is used to help categorize or bin the LEDs. The black ellipses seen are the 7-step “MacAdam ellipses” that refer to the region which contains all colors which are indistinguishable to the average human eye, from the center of the ellipse. Note that the ellipse for color white happens to be one of the smaller ellipses. The smaller the ellipse….the smaller the bin range you have to work with. If you were to zoom-in on the ellipse over the white area….you would find that it covers a broad range of color bins.