Make Sure It’s Genuine

Why It Matters

Hadley height control valves are engineered to be the most reliable valves on the road. Counterfeit valves are not built to the same standards, do not meet the same specifications, do not perform as well or last as long as a genuine Hadley valve. Counterfeit valves submitted to Hadley for warranty claims will not be reimbursed and may result in punitive damages against the claimant.


Genuine Hadley Means Superior Performance

  • Hadley leveling valves are designed with 37 years of leveling valve technology
  • Chosen by OEMs more often than any other valve brand
  • Engineered to outlast all other leveling valves
  • Superior lubricants with proven and consistent lubrication to protect the valve
  • Proven O-ring seal integrity throughout the life of the valve
  • Counterfeit valves require frequent replacement due to excessive wear and tear
  • Made in the USA


Look for the Hadley Logo

The Hadley logo is always molded or cast into the outer valve housing and cannot be removed. If you cannot easily locate the Hadley logo, it is a counterfeit and should be rejected. One of these two logos indicate a genuine Hadley valve:

A genuine Hadley valve is a durable valve, and is sold only through an Authorized Hadley Distributor.

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