XD Interior System


Product name: XD Interior System

Complete interior system window to window modular in length and upgradable in order to satisfy every request from the end users and from the OEM.
Flexible design adaptable to all bus structures.


  • Improved panel linearity with robust and durable material
  • Rattle free system
  • Hidden hand rail integration and easy position adjustment
  • Hidden fasteners for a cleaner design
  • Easily customizable with luggage rack option, speakers, reading lamps, additional air rotaries modules, advertisement cards, optional mood light
  • Disguised air slots prevents trash/gum entry
  • Glare reduction on the windshield due to better positioning of the light source.
  • No dust on the light channel due to fewer lens seams and separation from A/C flow
  • Maintenance free and easy access to all mechanical elements behind panels