Electronic height control systems have traditionally required several separate components: the valve manifold itself, an external sensor, and the associated electronics.
Hadley’s SmartValve combines these devices into one simplified, cost-effective and compact solution.

Drop-And-Hook is Faster, Easier, Safer

  • No need to crank landing gear as often or as far
  • Fewer trips out of the cab
  • Much less effort required
  • Eliminates Injuries

    With the weight of the trailer fully resting on the landing gear and suspension, the effort used in cranking the landing gear can result in injuries to the driver. When SmartValve is installed on the tractor, drivers won’t struggle against the weight of the trailer, even fully loaded. SmartValve helps fleets:

  • Reduce back strain
  • Operate safer, easier drop/hook
  • Eliminate a top source of injuries in trucking
  • Reduce workers’ compensation premiums
  • Recruit and Retain Drivers

    SmartValve’s benefits in saving time and effort, and eliminating injuries, can give your fleet a competitive advantage in recruiting and retaining drivers.

  • Less drop-and-hook time = more time at home
  • Better working conditions, enhanced comfort/safety
  • Easier to recruit. Easier to retain.
  • Attracts more diverse applicant pool
  • Every 5% reduction in turnover benefits fleet by $250 annually/driver
  • All drivers surveyed enthusiastically prefer SmartValve to mechanical valves!
  • Driver shortages and high driver turnover pose major challenges to the trucking industry. The demand for qualified truck drivers is at an all time high. Under these conditions, driver comfort isn’t a luxury… it’s a necessity.

    …love it for the fuel savings

    SmartValve can help you improve fuel economy. It provides OEMs with a tool to design more aerodynamic tractors, which automatically lowers vehicle ride heights at highway speeds. Hadley tested this technology at the Bosch Automotive Proving Grounds. The results show a .70% improvement on the specific tractor model tested at low ride height. With new tractor designs, that could mean savings of $700 or even more annually for every tractor in your fleet.



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