Analyze value to your fleet by inserting your own data in the green cells.
Driver Comfort, Safety, and Reduced Turnover
Annual Workers' Comp Savings Per Driver From Safer Landing Gear Cranking ⇒ $
Driver turnover in fleet (annual %) %
Cost of recruiting and retraining a driver $
% reduction in driver turnover %
Annual Savings From Reduced Driver Turnover ⇒
Reduced Component Maintenance and Repairs
Savings from:
  * Reduced landing gear replacement due to Drop & Hook
  * Reduced drivetrain damage due to not returning to ride height after dumping.
Annual Savings From Reduced Maintenance & Repairs ⇒ $
Time Savings & Additional Tractor Productivity
Average Length Of Haul (# of miles)
Number of Dockings Per Day (based upon average length of haul)
Additional Driving Hours Per Year
Associated Revenue Per Driving Hour (based on avg length of haul)
Additional Revenue $ Per Year
Incremental Profit Ratio %
Annual Profit (from additional driving time) ⇒
Total Annual Financial Benefit of SmartValve per Tractor*
Price of SmartValve retrofit kit $
# hours to install SmartValve retrofit kit
Installation labor cost per hour $
Retrofit installation cost
Payback Period of SmartValve Retrofit - Drive Axle:
SmartValve Return On Investment (ROI)
Number of Years You Own A SmartValve
Total Return On Investment (ROI) ⇒
Number of Tractors in Fleet ⇒
Total Fleet Return On Investment (ROI) ⇒
* Data based on Noel Perry research - Transportation Economics (and FTR), Hadley time studies performed at the Bosch Automotive Proving Grounds, OSHA, and insurance industry and fleet interviews, including self-insured fleets.
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